2017 Hurricane Season Update
October 16th

With Emphasis on Tropical Weather Affecting Northern Belize

Ophelia Hits Ireland

Invest 92L Is Of No Interest

Ex-Major Hurricane Ophelia

Ophelia formed last week in the open waters of the North Atlantic. It was expected to dissipate quickly and have no effect on land. On Saturday, Ophelia became a Major Hurricane, the furthest North and East a Major Hurricane has ever formed. Now, after making the transition to extra-tropical, Ophelia has made landfall in Ireland.

Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom will experience storm force winds and heavy rains for the next couple of days. Damage should be minimal as this part of the world has high winds events several time per year and they are generally prepared. This event will be a bit stronger then they are used to, so it will be interesting to see how well they fare.

Invest 92L

An area of low pressure is located about 175 miles north-northeast of the Turks and Caicos Islands. While the system has shown signs of development, it needs to hurry up, wind shear is forecast to increase dramatically over the system and it is expected to merge with a cold front by Wednesday.

Regardless of development, 92L is of no concern to Belize.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic Basin:
Tropical Storm Formation Is Not Expected Over The Next 3 Days.

Tropical Weather Abbreviations

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